PCD Cup Discs

PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) Discs are for the removal of floor adhesives, rubber compounds and other soft composition materials. The unique design scrapes rather than grinds to remove sticky materials without clogging.

Replacement outer rings are available when worn.

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PCD Cup Disc
5″ 6 Piece HAND-125
5″ 18 Piece HAND-126
PCD Ring
6 Piece HAND-047
18 Piece HAND-049
32 Piece HAND-127
Chunky PCD Ring HAND-149
PCD Cup Disc
7″ 6 Piece HAND-046
7″ 18 Piece HAND-048
7″ 32 Piece HAND-100
Chunky Picture 7″ 6 Piece HAND-150

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Weight 573823 kg

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