Why has my floor paint failed?

by | November 14, 2019 | 0 comments

Simple answer, the floor wasn’t prepared properly before it was painted or was damp.

For paint to stick, it needs a suitable clean & dry, ‘lightly textured’ surface, otherwise there is no ‘grip’ between the floor and the paint.

You need to determine a few things:

Was the concrete floor new before it was painted?

If yes, the top layer called ‘laitence’ or ‘fat’ wasn’t removed

Was it an old concrete floor that had paint applied?

If yes, old ‘coatings’, residual contaminants or dust weren’t properly removed

Was the floor not fully cured or damp before it was painted?

If yes, the floor wasn’t left long enough to cure or dry out


What can I do?

You need to remove the failed paint and texture the surface

  • Choose Grinding to remove thin paint in a small area
  • Choose Shotblasting or Grinding to remove thin paint in a large area
  • Choose Planing, followed by Grinding to remove thick paint

For all methods, the machine must be connected to a vacuum to remove dust particles

If the subfloor is still damp it must be left to dry out, or new concrete to fully cure

A final vacuum is needed before painting

When the surface is clean, dry and suitably textured, you’re ready to apply the new paint!


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