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  • Dust Cowls

    Metal Dust Cowls, designed to attach to a dust extractor, are available for the 9’’ Hand Grinder only.

    Ours have unique air vents for ease of operation and are constructed from 2mm steel for durability.

    Rubber Dust Cowls are also available for both 5’’ and 9’’ Hand Grinders.

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  • Cutting Shields

    Metal Cutting Shields, designed to attach to a dust extractor, are available for 5’’ and 9’’ Hand Grinders.

    They shield against the cutting blade and are designed for attachment to a dust extractor.

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  • Diamond Discs

    Metal Bonded Discs for grinding and smoothing, available in standard bond for 5’’ Hand Grinders and standard, hard and soft bond for 9’’ Hand Grinders.

    Soft Bond is for hard materials and aggressive grind, Standard for general purpose and Hard Bond for soft materials and long life with extended wear rate.

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  • PCD Cup Discs

    PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) Discs are for the removal of floor adhesives, rubber compounds and other soft composition materials. The unique design scrapes rather than grinds to remove sticky materials without clogging.

    Replacement outer rings are available when worn.

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  • Resin Diamond Pads

    Resin Diamond Pads are for polishing applications and fit the 5’’ Wet Polisher and variable speed grinders.

    Available in 50 grit (coarsest) up to 3000 grit (finest).

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  • Velcro Backing Pads – Hand Grinders

    Velcro Backing Pads are for quick attachment of Resin Diamond Pads onto the 5’’ Wet Polisher.

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  • Cutting Blades

    Cutting Blades are for attachment to hand grinders to turn them into a hand chaser, or to fit trolley mounted hand grinders/saws.

    Ours are long life, ideal for creating expansion joints and available in various sizes plus a 9’’ premium blade.

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