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  • Standard Drive Plate

    Required for attaching Copper Discs, Black Sanding Discs, Storm Pads etc to STG400 and STG450 machines.

    No fixing required, accessories are just placed under the drive plate ready for use.


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  • Storm Diamond Pads

    The total system for floor cleaning and maintenance on smooth, hard shiny surfaces.

    Up to 33% more diamond content than competing pads, double sided and environmentally friendly, using just water for a high gloss finish.

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  • Metal Drive Plates

    Available with or without diamond cup discs.

    The 3 x 24 segment discs are for concrete grinding and smoothing, removing coatings, keying tiles and preparing asphalt and stone.


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  • Metal PCD Plate

    Available with or without PCDs (Polycrystalline Diamonds).

    PCDs are for removing adhesives and other soft thick materials.

    They scrape rather than grind and do not generate surface heat so cutting edges remain clear.

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  • Ice Breaker Plate

    Main use is removal of ice deposits.

    Also designed to clean concrete laitence, de-scaling steel & ship decks, de-rusting, general cleaning, paint removal, cleaning oil & grease deposits & mill scale removal.


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  • Copper Discs

    Double sided and available in 3 to 36 grit.

    Copper Discs are for texturing and cleaning concrete, asphalt and stone. They can also be used repeatedly for wet and dry applications.

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  • Black Sanding Discs

    Double sided and available in 16 to 120 grit.

    Black discs are for sanding and light grinding and keying.

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  • Mesh Discs

    Available in 60 to 180 grit.

    Mesh discs are ideal for preparing gypsum and levelling screeds.

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  • Scrubbing Pads

    Available in Coarse, medium, fine and buff for general cleaning operations.

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  • Surface Finishing Diamond Pads (SFDs)

    Surface Finishing Diamond Pads for floor preparation, refurbishment and cleaning.  The only system capable of grinding, cleaning, keying, texturing, sanding and polishing the surface without clogging.

    All pads can be used in sequence as a staged polishing process.

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  • Brushes

    Brushes for scrubbing, cleaning & scarifying

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  • Dust Skirts

    Dust skirts provide a ‘seal’ to prevent dust escaping during dry grinding operations, when the machine is connected to a dust extractor or vacuum such as the 202DS and 202DSLP models.

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  • Handles

    Replacement handle for STG450 machine, supplied complete with cable and ratchet pin. Quick and easy to change.

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  • Water Tanks

    10 Litre tank for use when wet grinding and polishing. Water is dispensed onto the floor through the middle of a pad, such as Storm Diamond Pads, to maintain a clean working area.

    Fits both STG400 & STG450 models.

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  • Weights

    Weight fits the STG450 for use during heavy grinding operations for faster stock removal and to stabilise the machine.

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