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  • Metal Bonded Shoes

    Metal Bonded shoes are for grinding, smoothing, levelling or reducing scratches.

    Available in standard, hard and soft bond and are interchangeable with all Terrco® models.

    Speedshift system allows diamonds to be changed quickly and easily with no tools needed.

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  • PCD Shoes

    PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) are for the removal of adhesives and soft sticky compounds.
    Available in clockwise and anti-clockwise.
    Speedshift system allows PCDs to be changed quickly and easily with no tools needed.

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  • Resin Polishing Pads

    Resin diamond pads for fine grinding and polishing from 50 Grit (coarsest) to 3000 grit (finest).

    Velcro Backing Pads required to attach polishing pads to tool plate.

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  • Velcro Backing Pads

    Velcro backing pads quickly attach polishing pads to the Terrco® machine’s tool plate.

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  • Tool Plates

    Available for all machines in the Terrco® range.

    Tool plates allow Metal Bonded Shoes, PCDs and Polishing Pads to be easily fitted and replaced without tools.

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  • Rubber Seals

    Rubber seals seal the gap between the floating, adjustable guard and the machine and hold the guard in place.

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