Dust Extractors

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  • Wands

    Wands are chrome plated ‘s’ tubes for when the dust extractor or vacuum is used in isolation.

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  • Nozzles

    Nozzles are 430mm long and collect dust or liquids (when used with a dry/wet vacuum) from the floor.

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  • PVC Hose

    PVC Hose is used to connect the dust extractor to equipment or a wand.

    Available in 50mm, 75mm, 125mm and 150mm.

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  • Connectors

    Connectors are used to connect PVC Hose to the machine.  There is also a ‘Y’ shaped connector for using two machines or tools together.

    Available in 50-50mm, 80-50mm, 80-70mm, 80-50-50mm

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  • “M” Class Filters

    Medium Class Filters are general purpose filters suitable for standard operations and containment of dust particles.

    ‘M’ Class Filters for the 101DS and 202DS vacuums are cone-shaped. M450 vacuums use a bag filter.

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  • “H” Class Filters

    High ‘H’ Class Filters are additional filters that can be fitted to all vacuums to make them what is termed ‘H’ type, often specified for very fine particle dust containment and when dealing with asbestos and contaminated debris.

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  • Filter Cartridges

    Filter Cartridges are long life filters built to last.

    They fit 2 and 3 Filter Filtration Units/Collectors used with Shotblasters and large machines.

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  • Rubber Cones

    Rubber Cones are for connecting hand tools to PVC Hose.

    Available in 40mm and 50mm.

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  • Motor

    Replacement Motors are available for all dust extractors. 110v listed below. Contact us for other voltages.

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  • Longopac Bags

    Longopac Bags are for use with Longopac dust extractors only.

    They are continuous feed bags of 23m in length that can be sealed into manageable sizes ready for disposal. Ideal for use on dust sensitive projects and when dealing with asbestos. 4 bags per box.

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