The Preparation Group supported Lincoln Construction Week on the 2nd – 4th October, which was sponsored by the CITB and held at The Lincolnshire Showground. The aim of the event was to inspire future generations of boys and girls to look at construction and associated trades as a career option through a series of workshops and activities. Lincoln is a particularly fitting place to showcase Surface Preparation as the region specialises in it. Surface Preparation is one of many specialist trades that contributes a huge amount to the construction industry and its continued development through new innovations, the increase of efficient, safe operations and in the creation of more sustainable solutions.

The Preparation Group’s Managing Director, Tracey Glew, opened the event on the Wednesday, with 1200 children attending across the 3 days and a small group of adults seeking work. The Preparation Group designed a range of thought-provoking challenges for the different age groups that were informative, yet fun and displayed a full range of machines with demonstration pads to show what they actually do.

Says Tracey Glew, Group Managing Director; ‘As part of the team that developed the NVQ for our industry less than 10 years ago, we appreciate the significant impact that training has for both individuals and companies. To be able to increase awareness of work opportunities and apprenticeships is vital to secure the future of practical skills. It is an important message to relay to school children when considering their future work choices.’

Tracey continues; ‘The event was an excellent platform from our perspective to encourage young people to look at the diverse range of careers in the construction industry. Feedback to our introductory video and worksheets was excellent and the teachers felt that their students all learnt something about a subject that they knew nothing of previously. We also received a couple of job applications!’

As a forward thinking local employer operating across the UK and the world, the company has always recognised the importance of investing in its team. It provides training and employment opportunities for personal development and to grow the business, inspiring innovative and creative aspiration at all levels.