A 9th place result for the longopac vacuum in the Tomorrow's Cleaning Awards

The 202DSLP is a Top Ten product

The 202DSLP secured a fantastic 9th place as a Top 10 product in the Tomorrow's Health & Safety awards 2018. In doing so, the longopac vacuum has been recognised as an Innovation that has made a real difference to the safety and wellbeing of the UK Workforce.

The compact 202DSLP Longopac® Vacuum with its revolutionary airflow system, offers high suction levels and optimum dust control. Features, including energy saving motors, ‘Dustop’ filter cleaning and Longopac® safe bagging, provide a total solution for effective, controlled dust and debris extraction and containment.

A big thank you to all that voted for it. 


The 202DSLP is a Top Ten product
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