The MSS150 Multi-Surface Stripper

The MSS 150 Multi-Surface Stripper

The new MSS 150 Multi-Surface Stripper is the ultimate floor removal solution. A powerful 1.8kw motor and a wide range of interchangeable tools, including blades, chisels and picks, render it ideal for removing any kind of surface, breaking out and lifting materials with ease. The 6’’ wing-tipped blade lifts sheet materials, such as vinyl, the flat tile blade removes tiles, asphalt and screeds and the point breaks out concrete.

The MSS 150 has a wide angle of operation, adjustable to suit both the user and the application. Sporting anti-vibration features, the impact of vibration is ‘absorbed’ by both the machine and the handle configuration, increasing operator comfort and reducing fatigue. Designed for both commercial use and DIY enthusiasts, it is portable and compact yet robust for tough jobs.

Says Tracey Glew, Group Managing Director; ‘What sets the MSS 150 Multi-Surface Stripper apart is that it isn’t just a floor tile stripper, it has many additional applications making it an invaluable multi-functional tool. High productivity, combined with low operating costs and minimal maintenance yields impressive ROI’s for flooring contractors and potential for hire.’

The MSS 150 will be showcased for the first time at the Executive Hire Show in February 2018 on The Preparation Group’s stand - A85.

New ultimate floor removal solution

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