400 Shotblaster removes large build-up of rust and mill scale.

PPC cleans steel oil tank

PPC cleans steel oil tank

The Preparation Group’s Training division, together with a new customer, recently cleaned the inside of a steel oil tank using a 400 Shotblaster. It was the customer's first job with the new machine and they required assistance to ensure a smooth operation for their client. The tank had a large build-up of rust and mill scale that needed to be removed.

The 400 Shotblasting machine was dismantled in two easy steps to access the small 600mm tank opening. A 3 Filter Filtration Unit was attached to the Shotblaster outside of the tank, to ensure a dust-free, environmentally friendly operation.

To clean the 400m2 area, a mix of 390 and 550 grade of steel abrasive/shot was used. The 400 Shotblaster has powerful motors and a simple lever action to propel the shot at the surface for quick results and a uniform profile. It also benefits from long life wear parts made from high-grade materials, with tuning kits and liners changed in minutes.

A commercial SA2 steel surface finishing standard was specified on the project, but the cleaning methods used can be applied to any steel floor/decking and up to SA3 standard achieved.

The job was completed in 3 days and the customer was left with clear operational instructions on how to complete future projects.

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