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What is Multi-Stripping

What is Multi-stripping?

Multi-stripping, which encompasses tile stripping, is the method of uplifting floor materials and coverings and is normally selected when there is no other suitable method.  

How it works

A sharpened blade or pick is attached to the front of the multi-stripper, with the weight of the machine holding it hard onto the floor. There are flat blades for removal of tiles and screeds and curved blades for lifting sheet materials such as carpet and vinyl. Picks break up hard ceramic and quarry tiles.

The type and size of the machine and accessory selected will determine production rates and the degree of removal. The Preparation Group offers an MSS150 multi-surface removal tool up to a 600 ride-on machine.

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When to use it

Applications include removal of:

  •   Sheet vinyl, tiles, carpet & carpet tiles
  •   Ceramic & quarry tiles
  •   Latex & levelling compounds
  •   Wood & laminate
  •   Asphalt & bitumous materials
  •   Thermoplastic line markings
  •   Foam rubber
  •   Felt
  •   Foam & glue residues
  •   Adhesives & levelling screeds

When selecting multi-stripping as the preparation method, the material to be removed needs to be considered:

  1. What type of material is it?
  2. What is the composition and thickness of the substrate?
  3. Does it consist of a singular layer or multiple layers?

The Preparation Group’s technical support team is available to advise on the correct machine and accessories for your specific project.

It is important to note that Multi-stripping cannot be used on inclines, uneven surfaces or in wet conditions.

Other preparation methods are often needed to prepare the surface after multi-stripping, to provide a suitable ‘profile’ for the application of the specified product.

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