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What is Construction Dust?

The dust created by machines & tools deployed in the construction industry.

By selecting equipment & tools designed for use with dust extraction, the problem can be eliminated.

So there lies the problem, do you know how much dust will be produced by the selected machine or tool? What is the dust? Is it hazardous?  How do you know what size & type of dust extraction you need?

Construction sites across the UK are insisting on ‘H’ Filters fitted in Dust Extractors, but the fact is that selecting a vacuum fitted with an ‘H’ filter is only the start. What about the suction capacity & the power of the Dust Extraction? What is the bin capacity? Do I need a longopac safe bagging system vacuum (to avoid coming into contact with the dust)?

The Preparation Group has a range of vacuums & filtration units to fit all types of machines & tools.

We manufacture Preparation equipment designed for use with Dust Extraction.

See our guide to filter classes

Ask our Technical Team for advice & guidance. 

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