Our laminated wall poster is a handy reference for common flooring problems, with 'what to use, when'.

New Surface Preparation Method Guide

New Surface Preparation Method Guide

For contractors, material manufacturers or contract cleaners tasked with a floor preparation project and seeking guidance on the best machine and accessories for the job, The Preparation Group, specialists in surface preparation, removal and finishing, has launched a laminated Method Guide Wall Poster as a handy reference.


Covering its range of 110v machines, the poster details common flooring ‘problems’ and asks in simple terms questions like, the properties of the substrate to be removed or the degree of polishing required, to arrive at the exact equipment needed. It also includes information on edgework and suitable dust extraction for the method used.


There are 14 main projects covered from paint removal and surface reduction to cleaning and polishing.


Says Tracey Glew, Group Managing Director; ‘Our Guide is designed to be a useful ‘what to use when’. It may be that the contractor already has the suggested piece of equipment but perhaps requires a new accessory to complete a specific task. It is useful to know that most of our accessories are universal to fit other makes of machines. There isn’t always a single solution, which is detailed on our poster, but we suggest the most efficient methods. Contractors will also see that adding particular accessories, extends the capabilities of a single piece of equipment, enabling a wider range of projects to be carried out. For support, we hire out equipment as well as offer machines and accessories for sale and provide technical assistance and training.’


A copy of The Preparation Group’s new ‘Surface Preparation Guide’ is available by calling +44 (0)1522 561460. 

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