180 Grinder and 202DSLP wins an award

180 Grinder and 202DSLP Wins an Award

The Preparation Group’s 180 Grinder and 202DSLP Vacuum was selected as the 6th top product by Tomorrow’s Contract Floors. A revolution in removing problematic flooring materials whilst at the same time controlling and minimising exposure to dust, together they present a formidable team. They also offer a cost effective solution, with high productivity, low operating costs and minimal maintenance.

Robust for daily use, both the 180 Grinder and 202DSLP are easily stored, transported and manoeuvred. The 180 Grinder is a neat size and features a fold down handle and the 202DSLP has an adjustable height mechanism which when not in use, reduces the vacuum’s size to 1190mm.

The compact 180 Grinder might not look as big and impressive as other 110v/240v models on the market but it packs a punch, efficiently removing both adhesives and powdery substances, including in tight areas normally inaccessible to larger plant. A powerful 2.5kw motor and interchangeable accessories render the tool ideal for cleaning and keying all types of surfaces, removing concrete laitance, smoothing and levelling, de-scaling and removing sticky compounds and paint, including thermoplastic lines. The 180 Grinder’s unique dust shroud prevents restriction of movement and connects it to the 202DSLP Vacuum for a dust free operation.

The 202DSLP has a revolutionary airflow system for high suction levels and a Longopac® Safe Bagging System to ensure that all airborne particles are safely contained. It features an innovative ‘Dustop’ filter cleaning system for increased productivity, independent twin motors to save energy when full operating capacity isn’t needed and plug to socket tools to eliminate the need for extra cables and transformers. 

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