New STG400 voted as a top cleaning product

The Preparation Group’s STG400 machine has been selected as a top product by Tomorrow’s Cleaning. It is designed for chemical free, deep restorative cleaning and polishing of hard surfaces that have become scratched, stained and contaminated. It refurbishes floors and is even effective at light grinding.


The STG400 offers the perfect combination of long life motor, weight and speed. It is a real multi-tasker, easily adapted for multi-functional use to undertake different operations in a restricted timetable by interchanging accessories and plates. Accessories require no fitting, simply place them under the drive plate and you're ready to start working.


Highly portable yet robust, the STG400 features a simple lever operation and ergonomic handle for safe and comfortable operation. There is an optional water tank for wet polishing or a suction ring to minimise dust pollution.

Accessories include Surface Finishing Diamond Pads (SFD’s) designed for floor refurbishment and cleaning and Storm Diamond Pads for cleaning and daily maintenance. Both pads do away with the need for harsh chemicals and remove the need to ‘recoat’ floors with environmentally unsound and expensive waxes or polishes. They create a hygienic, shiny, yet non-slip floor by adding just water.

SFD’s and Storm Pads come in grades to suit different floor conditions and produce optimum results on hard surfaces such as resin, epoxy, terrazzo, marble, natural stone, granite, ceramic tiles and concrete with the finer grade Storm pads also effectively maintaining vinyl.

There are also double-sided TCT (copper) discs for texturing and cleaning concrete and Silicon Carbide (black) sanding discs for light grinding and keying.

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New STG400 Voted as a Top Cleaning Product
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