Sustainable Flooring - “It’s what you can’t see”

Sustainable Flooring - “It’s what you can’t see”

At construction stage, flooring substrates and finishes may only represent a small percentage of a buildings sustainable impact, but over a buildings lifecycle this impact becomes significant.  The hard task is selecting the flooring material that will minimise the overall impact by maximising long term performance benefits, whilst also considering maintenance, cleaning and disposal at the end of life.

What flooring specifiers often fail to understand, is the preparation of the background surface prior to application of a vast range of flooring materials and the importance of getting this right. Knowledge of the material’s sustainable characteristics is one thing but understanding the impact of specifying an incorrect method of preparation (or in fact not preparing at all) is often not considered, which will not only have an adverse effect on the aesthetics of the finished floor surface, but also its durability and lifespan.

Whether you are looking at Resin, Timber, Stone, Vinyl, Carpets or even polished concrete, initial preparation is the key to its longevity.

If a new flooring system is not laid on a sound, clean base, materials may de-bond, lift or simply wear during routine maintenance and cleaning, resulting in the material failing to meet its sustainable performance criteria.

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