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Our videos show equipment capabilities during the main methods of preparing, removing & finishing surfaces.

The definition of surface preparation is a treatment process by which a surface is prepared for further modification e.g. removing old surface materials and flooring systems and producing the surface profile suitable for a new material to be applied. It can also involve providing a high quality final finish e.g. floor refurbishment, cleaning and polishing.
No single method can provide the ultimate solution to all modern specifications. Each project demands expertise to select the correct process, or processes and equipment. The ultimate aim is to deliver production rates that meet timescales, economically to satisfy budget requirements, whilst achieving optimum results.
A combination of animation and live footage, our clips show the processes and equipment and are designed to aid contractors, material manufacturers, contract cleaners and architects faced with tackling a surface preparation, cleaning or maintenance project or looking to procure machines, tools and accessories.
It is important to get expert advice as incorrect specifications lead to costly failures.
We are here to help.