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Single head grinders accessories & consumables

Metal bonded discs
Metal Bonded Discs  Available in standard, hard bond and soft bond.

PCD Plates (Polycrystalline Diamond) For removal of adhesives.
For 180 Grinder
Turbo Grinding Disc 
Turbo Grinding Discs
For general purpose grinding / smoothing.

PCD Discs
6 and 18 piece. For removing adhesive and soft thick materials. 
Metal Dust Shroud 
Metal Dust Shroud
Heavy duty, easy fit. 
Rubber Dust Shroud 
Dust Shroud
For attachment to vacuum 
Guide to Selecting Discs.pdf
We supply a variety of shoes for grinding, polishing and stripping a wide range of surfaces and to suit most makes of grinding machines on the market.
Call us for advice.