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Through our team's dedication, the production of our equipment has evolved into a range of superior quality products, made by Contractors for Contractors. 


We provide our customers with machines and tools that are built to last with minimal running costs.
Our policy is to source the best raw materials, components and accessories whilst continually monitoring quality and performance, because we sell what we use.
All new designs and modifications are stringently tested for effectiveness and wearability before production begins. We will not boast unrealistic statistics on production rates and reliability, just honest proven facts.
Surface preparation equipment   
We provide unrivalled training, technical support and project guidance to ensure that you have the knowledge and expertise to get the most from your equipment and personnel, to grow your business and professional reputation.
Our spares and consumables are developed, designed and manufactured to work with your equipment for optimum results, built to perform again and again.
Our innovative thinking, commitment to continual investment in R&D, production processes and customer care, provides our customers with the confidence and assurance that the initial investment in our equipment will realise a low cost operation with reliability, for a lifetime of successful projects.