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Preparing Edges

Larger Grinders, Planers and Shotblasters used to prepare horizontal surfaces are often not capable of reaching right up to the boundaries of the surface being prepared and the work required to tackle these inaccessible areas, against walls and around columns, is called Edgework. The same techniques for edgework are also used on steps, plinths and in gulleys and for small areas where larger plant cannot reach. For all of these situations, specialist hand tools prove invaluable.

Hand grinders are extremely versatile and can be fitted with a wide range of attachments to de-scale, remove, smooth, key and polish surfaces.  There are Turbo Grinding Discs for general purpose grinding such as removing laitence and paint and for smoothing and ones designed for use on soft or hard materials. Silicon Carbide, or ZEC Discs, will remove rust, sand and clean and PCD’s (Polycrystalline Discs) are specially designed to effectively remove adhesives, rubberised compounds and soft compositions such as latex.

The Preparation Group's range of hand grinders have been purposely designed for quick, efficient preparation. The 9'' Hand grinder and smaller 5’’ model are heavy duty, powerful tools for grinding, keying and smoothing. The 5’’ Wet Polisher is specifically designed for polishing using resin bonded discs from 50 to 3000 grit.

When grinding floors, each stage of the process requires the use of a hand grinder, to complete the edges and corners. Any lines or surface differences can then be ‘faded out’ during the proceeding grinding operation.

When fitted with a shroud and connected to a vacuum unit, hand grinding is dust free. It must be noted however that on uneven surfaces, there is a danger of dust escaping if the shroud cannot engage with the overall surface.

To get the operator off their hands and knees The Preparation Group also offers two compact Anti-vibration tools that are used from a standing position. The 180 grinder is for edge prep and more and the MSS150 Multi-Surface Stripper is designed for removal of any kind of surface, lifting materials; tiles, screeds, carpet and more and breaking out concrete with ease.

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